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We help organizations achieve International Standard Certification in Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety, Information Security, and Business Continuity, at the same time to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in every aspect of our work by providing results-oriented and value-added solutions. Our policy is to achieve a legendary reputation in Quality, Value and Timeliness.

“Process Approach” methodology

Lloyd McGill’s unique “Process Approach” methodology has been validated by repeated application in Asia, Europe and the United States for almost 30 years. Its team of highly qualified consultants work with your key managers and supervisors to develop management systems that meet international and national standards.

Process approach establishes clear responsibility and accountability for managing key activities. Efficient desired results are achieved when activities and related resources are managed as a process. When an organization use process approach, it means that it manages the sequence of the processes that make up its organization, the interaction between these processes, and the inputs and outputs that glue these processes together. Process approach helps our clients to be more productive and achieve their business excellence.

Our Consulting Approach

Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management System

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