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Data Protection-as-a-Service (DPaaS) Package

Data Protection-as-a-Service (DPaaS) Package

For SMEs and Social Service Agencies (SSA)

 The DPaaS Package aims to support SMEs and SSAs in strengthening their data protection capabilities and provide them with basic data protection practices to build consumer confidence and trust to implement data protection obligations.

The scope of the DPaaS Package covers both a one-time setup for basic data protection programme and annual retainer service.

Key components of the one-time setup include:

  • Data Protection Management
  • Data Breach Management
  • Training and Communications

Key components of the annual retainer service include:

  • Carry out annual review of data protection policies
  • Conduct table-top exercise to test the data breach response plan
  • Provide one refresher training for key employees on handling personal data




Social Service Agencies (SSA)

No funding for DPaaS Package

  • NCSS Full Members that provide direct services are eligible for the Data Protection Funding which provides 100% consultancy fees capped at $6,000.
    • Eligible SSAs can apply for this funding from 15th Oct 2020 to 15 Oct 2021.
  • NCSS Associate Members may tap on the NCSS VCF Consultancy Grant which provides funding up to 80% of the consultancy costs.




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